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Welcome to FCON.

Development is slow, but not dead. Check the downloads page for new releases!

Most of the people who have found this site probably already have some idea of what FCON is. If this is you, feel free to click around the links above to find what you're looking for. For those of you new to FCON, here's a brief summary of what this program is and what it aims to provide:

FCON is the Freenet Classic OpenNet. It is a fork of the Freenet and Frost projects based on the Freenet 0.5 code and Frost 14-March-2009. FCON aims to improve the usability and security of both of these projects as desired by the FCON community.

FCON is designed for complete anonymnity in order to provide true freedom of speech and freedom from censorship and oppression. FCON is a tool for true, absolute freedom online. FCON allows the posting of messages, websites (called 'freesites'), blogs ('flogs'), and even larger media or other files. It also ensures that it is near impossible to know who originally posted a file or who has downloaded it. However, it is still possible to maintain a unique identity within the FCON network itself. A key feature of FCON is the distributed data store - when you install an FCON node you will allocate a portion of your own computer's hard drive to store encrypted files from other users on the network.

A great introduction to FCON has been created by Selif1 on Youtube, and can be found here.