Get FCON (Freenet Classic OpenNet) at Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads


FCON can be downloaded from our sourceforge project page here or from one of the links below:


The Windows installer package for FCON can be found here:


Simply run this installer, and then use the FCON icon to launch the controller program. This should place an icon in the Windows system tray (on certain systems this 'icon' will simply be a blank space - I hope to fix this soon) which can be double-clicked to open the FCON window or right-clicked to launch Frost or the web interface.


The universal .tar.gz package for POSIX and Unix systems (including MacOS X) and for Windows users who would like a more advanced and customized install can be downloaded here:


To use:

Extract the tar archive to a folder
Run the script (on Windows: Run FconGUI.jar)
There should be an FCON icon added to the system tray - double click this to bring up the interface
Use 'automatic configuration' to generate the config file, then either use 'manual config' to tune it or click 'start freenet'
Right-click the tray icon to launch Frost or the web interface.